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PPI’s Drilling Services Department includes ten (10) drill rigs, extensive tooling and support equipment, and numerous experienced Lead Drill Operators.  PPI’s Project Management staff is skilled at designing and executing subsurface investigation programs tailored to nearly any geologic setting and project type.

PPI provides subsurface drilling services in support of the Project Types listed below, as well as many others.

  • Traditional Subsurface Investigations
    • Soil Sampling including thin-walled and thick-walled Shelby tubes, split spoons, and continuous sampling.
    • Rock Coring including NQ2-, HQ-, and PQ-diameter tooling.
  • Piezometer and Monitoring Well Installation
    • Licensed Well Installers in MO, KS, and OK
    • OSHA 40 Hr. HAZWOPER Trained
    • Experience with PVC and Steel Well Construction in a variety of geologic settlings
  • Drilled Pier Pre-Drilling
    • Capability to mobilize multiple drill rigs to accelerate Project schedules, help define quantities for drilled pier construction, and establish drilled pier bottom elevations in competent rock in accordance with the Project Plans and Specifications
  • Quarry Investigations
    • Ability to core up to 400 feet of depth.
    • PPI’s aggregate laboratories are equipped to complete a full battery of characterization testing, including sulfate soundness, durability, and L.A. Abrasion.
  • Contract Drilling
    • PPI provides Contract Drilling Services for a variety of Clients in support of downhole geophysical applications, railroad, highway, and utility projects.

Drill Rigs

2019 CME 55 (Track-Mount)
2019 Diedrich D50 (Track-Mount)
2015 CME 55 (Track-Mount)
2014 CME 55 (Track-Mount)
2010 CME 550X (ATV-Mount)
2008 CME 55LC (Track-Mount)
2005 CME 55 (Track-Mount)
2000 CME 1050X (ATV-Mount)
1990 CME 75 (Truck-Mount)
Big Beaver Auger Drill

Partial Equipment List

NQ, HQ, and PQ-diameter Wireline Rock Coring Equipment
Rock Core Casing Advancers
Continuous Flight Augers (multiple diameters)
Hollow Stem Augers (multiple diameters)
Split Spoon, Shelby Tube, and Continuous Soil Samplers
Single and Double Packer Asssemblies
Tri-Cone and Rotary Drill Bits
Air Rock Hammer


Mr. Shane Rader, P.E.
Drilling Services Manager
Ph.: (417) 864-6000