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PPI maintains extensive, certified laboratories for completion of soils, aggregate, concrete, and asphalt testing.  PPI’s Laboratory Testing Resources include:

  • AASHTO Certified Laboratories in Springfield, Missouri Headquarters [AASHTO R18, Soils, Aggregate, Concrete, Asphalt, Masonry, and Fireproofing – AASHTO Website – PPI Springfield];
  • USACE Certified Laboratories in Springfield, Missouri Headquarters [USACE MTC Website]
  • Full-service Construction Materials Testing Laboratories in Branson and Joplin, Missouri;
  • Extensive Geotechnical Soils Laboratory Capabilities, including consolidation, triaxial, direct shear, permeability, and classification testing;
  • Construction Materials Testing Soils Laboratories equipped to process Proctor compaction tests quickly;
  • Aggregate, Concrete, and Asphalt Laboratories equipped for comprehensive aggregate source evaluation, concrete and asphalt mix design, and concrete and asphalt analysis.

If you have a Geotechnical Soils or Construction Materials Testing Need, PPI should be able to help. 



Mr. Brandon Parrish, P.E., Vice President – Engineering, Ph.: (417) 864-6000, [Email]